Frequently Asked Questions



Are all HUB products handmade?

Yes, to provide you with the finest quality luxury leather products, all our products have been designed through countless hours of mastery and craftsmanship that justifies their exclusivity and charm for those who want nothing but the best.

HUB’s products are handcrafted using the finest materials available and go through a carefully designed process of various leather treatments till the application of finishes to the final product. We are committed to bringing you unmatchable quality whilst being dedicated to the total satisfaction of each and every customer.

What kind of leather do you use for your leather products?

For our leather products, we insist on sourcing the very finest leathers available from highly respected tanneries in Pakistan and abroad. These skins & hides have been specifically picked due to their longevity, durability and attractive look. All creases and marks are natural characteristics and the specific reason we choose these beautiful natural skins & hides. Our leather products are designed to last substantially longer than most, and will grow old gracefully gaining character and distinct worn personalities.

Leather care for HUB products is relatively easy but you need to follow a set of simple rules. Our leathers can be restored, but annual maintenance is advisable. We mainly use cow leather. However, some items are also made from sheep & goat skins and buffalo hides. If you have any further questions about the material used for a particular product, please contact us with the article number and we will be glad to supply additional information.

How do I take care of my HUB product?

  • Our leather is extremely robust and should age well. However, if you want to clean a bag or wallet, lukewarm water and a mild soap are the best options available.
  • Do not get carried away with expensive cleaners and conditioners, simple natural waxes are often the best way to condition the hide i.e. bees wax. In fact, any harsh chemicals can damage the leather, so never use household cleaners or products containing alcohol.
  • Keep the exterior leather away from makeup, food, or any other oil based product which can stain. In no circumstances should you try washing your leather bag or other item in the washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • For suede, we recommend that you use a brush to remove the loose dirt and clean the product with cleaning agent specially designed for the material. New suede is subject to "crocking", which means that suede dust may rub off on hands and clothes. Crocking can be minimized by rubbing any new suede bag or accessory vigorously with a terry towel.
  • To clean patent, use a damp cloth, after which you shine it with a soft dry cloth. Please note that you should not use shoe polish on patent. If a leather product becomes wet, wipe away excess moisture and then leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not attempt to dry with a direct heat source e.g. fire, radiator or hair dryer. All liquid stains should be dealt with quickly, and blotted gently with a clean, dry cloth. Never forget, leather is a skin, and should be cared for in a similar way to your own.

How often do you release new designs?

It depends, but normally after every 1-2 months; almost every category has new product arrivals regularly.

Are the products offered online same as those available in HUB stores?

Yes, the products are the same. However, some products are not sold online. If you would like to order an item that you have seen in one of our stores but cannot find it online, please contact us via Whatsapp at +92-311-1222482 or email us at

Does the actual product vary from what is seen on the website?

The images displayed on the website are as accurate as possible. However, difference in computer monitors may/could cause color variation. Please understand that our products are made from premium leather. Due to leather being a natural material, differences in grain and color variation may occur. This guarantees the genuineness of a genuine leather product.



What is HOBO?

HOBO is HUB’s brand extension for the young and the young at heart. It is an exclusive ladies fashion store where one can find vibrant handbags & shoes and fashion accessories that have a finger on the pulse of today’s fads and trends. HOBO bags and similar items are made in PU (Polyurethane, a non-leather synthetic material). It is important to note that PU has a shorter life than genuine leather.

What is FHS?

FHS is a destination for Smart Casual Menswear. FHS is currently offering a wide variety of apparel, accessories and premium footwear. Kindly contact us for details regarding your chosen product or ask our retail staff for more information.


What is the return & exchange policy for in-store and online orders?

  • Goods can be exchanged or returned within 7 days of purchase with price tag & receipt only
  • Exchanges can be made against HUB products available online only
  • Goods purchased online cannot be exchanged at stores - the customer will have to contact Customer Care for return/exchange requests
  • Damaged, used or altered goods cannot be exchanged



What if there is an issue with my product?

Any product complaint will be assessed by our product team to determine nature of complaint and the maximum time for resolution is 30 working days. Customers are required to provide the accurate date of purchase along with their contact number. Any charges, if applicable, will be intimated within the stipulated period.


What modes of payment does HUB accept?

HUB accepts the following modes of payment:

- Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard/Visa);

- Online Bank Transfers (for Pakistan only); and

- Cash on Delivery/CoD (for Pakistan only).

What is the process for credit card payment?

To make a purchase via credit card, select the credit card option from the payment methods. After placing order, you'll be redirected to the Mastercard/Visa website. Select either the Mastercard or Visa card option to proceed to the card details page. Enter your details and click pay to complete the payment for your order.

Identification documents may be required for flagged card payments for which the customer will be contacted to provide.

How can I do an Online Bank Transfer?

Please note our bank account information for Online Bank Transfers (only for Pakistan).

Bank: Bank Alfalah Ltd Islamic Banking
Title of Account: Urban Brands
Account Number: 5561-5000949975

Note: After payment, please email the copy of your deposit slip on or via WhatsApp @ 03111222482 along with your order number in order for us to confirm your order.

What is the Payment mode for name engraving?

For name engraving we accept only online bank transfer and credit card payment. Name engraving is not available for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders. For details on online bank transfer pls refer to the question below.

What is the next step after an order is placed?

Once you place an order, it will be processed. You will then receive an order confirmation email which will contain your order number needed for follow-ups.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Once your order has been processed, it can be changed or cancelled if it has not been already shipped. You may contact us if you have to cancel or change your order, however, HUB cannot guarantee that your request can be accepted.

What is the delivery time for orders within Pakistan?

Generally orders within Pakistan are delivered between 5 to 7 working days. However if any technical issue occurs or unforeseen incident (e.g. continuous heavy rainfall, epidemic, etc.) the order time can be extended depending on the current situation.

Thank you for reading.